City Ready with Vaseline Sun + Pollution Protection

Us girls know how important sunscreen is. I remember my derma telling me that I could miss out on all other skincare products except sunscreen. From then on, I made sure that I don't miss putting on sunscreen to protect me from the harmful UV rays whenever I go out.

There's a lot of sunscreen lotions to choose from in the market nowadays. For me I look for a formula that isn't too sticky and doesn't have that strong sunscreen smell, this is why I like Vaseline lotions and level up my sunscreen game I'd like to pick out a sunscreen that can protect me from pollution as well.

Vaseline's Healthy White Sun + Pollution Protection Lotion:

  • Helps clear and protect the skin to make it look healthier and fairer
  • Neutralize the damaging effects caused by pollutants
  • Block pollutant particles to penetrate the skin
  • Repairs the skin from deep within to better resist pollutants while locking in nutrients
  • Absorbs fast & leaves a non-greasy feel
  • Has vitamin B3, Micro droplets of Vaseline jelly & PPF (pollution protection formula)

Best for: Uneven skin tone, dull skin & dry skin

I'm really happy with the integration of anti-pollution technology in skincare products nowadays, like this Vaseline Sun + Pollution Protection and the Cathy Doll Invisible Sunscreen I've reviewed last time. Not only am I protected from the suns harmful rays but from the dirt of pollution as well.

That's all for this post loves. Don't forget to put on your sunscreens, okay?