Camaya Coast Getaway

Once a secluded island only accessible to fishermen, now a prime leisure resort and residential development. Camaya Coast is located at the southernmost tip of the Bataan Peninsula, about a three-hour drive from Manila but you can also opt for the two-hour Camaya Coast ferry going there from Mall of Asia, like what we did.

Beautiful mountains, fine sand, sunsets and a pristine beach is what you'll find here in Camaya Coast. It's a perfect getaway from the busy life in the metro.

There are food kiosks so you won't have to worry about food (may potato corner dun!). Figaro cafe is available to serve your daily brews and there's also the Wood Pavilion, a Max's inspired restaurant where you can eat your fave Filipino food. You can also stay at the Camaya Coast hotel to enjoy the infinity pool, work your way to the fitness gym and experience a Bali-themed Mandara Spa.

Let's not forget about the inflatable island on the beach too! The obstacles on the inflatable thingy got me slightly injured so be careful and don't be like me. LOL. It was really fun though. They also have a really cool 'fire-bending show' at night. HAHAHA.

I was told that they are adding more amenities like the zipline and a sandbar, so I'm hoping I could come back for that. If you want to relax and take dip on the beach then Camaya Coast is definitely a place you can check out. It's not advisable to bring in food though, you might not be able to bring it with you.

Camaya Coast