Small town girl goes Uptown.

A day like this? it’s golden. I’m a certified homebody.  85% of my life is probably spent at home. I actually wonder why I decided to blog, my life isn’t as exciting as others. I just know that I enjoy blogging, writing reviews, sharing my style and such. I’ve got a place to dump my creative juices but anyway, this isn’t what this post is about.

A few weeks ago I had a Friday free day to spend with Patrick and two of our friends, Igy and Inna, at Uptown Place Mall. First time namin sa Uptown and while waiting for our friends to get off work paikot ikot lang kami, nalibot na ung buong mall. Of course, I had to taken some ootd’s. Continue browsing thru the page and check the photos which kinda led to a mini quarrel of me and Pat. Lolz. Oopsie. Love him still.

Dress Shirt Rianne Venice | Tote Thegreyspace.co  | Choker PluralandCo | Shoes Skechers
 Photos taken by @divinagraciapatrick