Kylie Cosmetics LIMITED Birthday Edition Mini Lip Kits

Another first brand of make up for me to try. When Kylie first launched her liquid lipsticks, I didn't buy one because I live in a cave and didn't really knew her that much (sorry) plus I wasn't really into make up back then. Fast forward today, I got into makeup and yeah, here I am spending my hard earned money, making makeup brands extra rich (lol), doing lipstick swatches on the blog and on my youtube channel. Hahaha.

Anyway, I finally got my hands (or lips) on Kylie's lipsticks, her limited edition birthday collection mini lip kits in mattes and velvets. I personally loved more shades on the mattes than the velvets, I can wear almost all the matte shades while with the velvets, there were only about three shades that looked okay on my lips. I expected to like the velvets more but the shades didn't really go too well with my skin tone. :(

The Velvets - LA, Party Girl, Birthday Suit, Sprinkle, Commando, Surprise Me
The Mattes - One Wish, Baby Girl, Angel, August Bug, All Nighter, Gorg

If you guys want to see the swatches of the mattes & velvets of Kylie Cosmetics birthday edition mini lip sets, watch the video below. I have really fair skin and if you have a shade like mine then at least you can check what shades work/look good for us pale skinned girls.