BYS Big Anniversary Blowout Haul

Bought these babies during BYS' Big Anniversary blowout. They were selling 3 palettes (2 regular palettes in tins and 1 on-the-go palette) for only P1,499. It's such a steal! I didn't want to miss it, I bought my palettes at the last minute, 3 days before the promo ended since I was in Singapore when the promo started and had a lot to catch up when I came back to Manila. I had to get myself these palettes. Just one regular palette cost P1,199. Palalagpasin mo pa ba yan? Parang buy 1 take 2 na halos.

I actually thought I won't be able to score these palettes anymore but thankfully Patrick was kind enough to take me to SM Southmall to buy the BYS palettes. I wasn't able to score two of the palettes that I was hoping to get, the berries & peaches palettes, apparently they get sold out fast.

I bought two eyeshadow palettes, cosmic & fantasy, the contour palette and the sculpt & glow palette. They just freshly launched the fantasy palette at the time I bought these. Both eyeshadow palettes have colorful eyeshadows, I'm excited and scared, since I've only used nude & basic tones in the past plus a little bit of pinks and reds but I still want to experiment, go out of the box, play around and try to create a look using other colors.

For the on-the-go palettes I got one Matte palette and then instead of getting another on-the-go palette I opted to buy the Contour Trio Powder palette since I really need a contour product for my cosplays. One thing though, the staying power of their contour powder isn't that great, it fades after some hours. I'll need to have re-apply the contour.

That sums up my #BYSturns5 haul. Right now, I'm just hoping and waiting for the exact/similar sale to come back. I'm a sucker for bargains. Lol. Btw, I haven't tried these yet. Will try to create a makeup look for each of the Fantasy & Cosmic palette soon.