I Found An Affordable Place to Stay in BGC thru Airbnb.

Okay I swear, I'm now an eligible nominee of the best in #latepost award. Lol. Yeah, another late post but I'm sure you guys are the ones to benefit and gain something from this post. Especially those who haven't tried Airbnb yet and still not convinced or hesitant to use the app. As early as now, I'm telling you that this is a positive review. You can stop here as I've somehow shared my verdict or keep reading (I hope you do) and get know more about my experience.

The reason why I booked a place in BGC is so I won't have to worry about my transpo (struggles ng hindi nagddrive and walang madrive) going to Zalora Style Awards, and so I could have a change in scenery since I'm usually either at my room or at our sala at home (#WorkFromHomeLife).

So I browsed through Airbnb for available rooms in BGC and there were plenty of options. Let me rephrase that, there were plenty of affordable options. The room I booked was Mark's place in Fort Victoria because it is close to the venue of the Zalora event. It's a 45sqm unit ideal for 3-4 persons but the maximum allowed is up to 5 pax. There are 2 rooms available at the second floor and a spacious toilet that I super love!

I remember the first time I entered the room, the very first thing I noticed is how the room smelled like flowers, powder and all the good things of the earth (okay, that's a little over the top but ang bango lang tlga). The room was clean, though there are some areas that needs to be dusted off (medyo maalikabok ung certain areas) but aside from that everything was perfect. They even left some complimentary water in the refrigerator (buti na lang kasi nauhaw ako pagdating eh). Mark wasn't the one who assisted me but his relative was really kind and welcoming. It's a good deal for P2,231 per night for three people compared to hotels that charge double or triple. Btw, the rate for the rooms would also change depending on the month.

I was with two of my friends, Inna & Igy, and they did like the place as well. It was also convenient for us that Family Mart is just on the ground floor.

Actually, the best thing in Mark's place is the huge wall mirror. Wish I had one in our house. So perfect  for #ootd's when no one's there to take your photos.

Anyway, I've mentioned from the very beginning that I have positive reviews for Airbnb and the place I booked. It was a great first experience. I've been looking for another place I can book next, hopefully it will be a good one as well. That's all I wanted to share. If you haven't tried Airbnb, I suggest you try it out. For experience, for fun or whatever.

Disclaimer: I am not paid and sponsored for this post nor was I given anything in exchange of a positive review. I paid with my own money. I'm just sharing my honest thoughts and feedback.