Dressed in Pink

A basic pink hoodie, white skirt & black hologram sneakers is how I dressed myself for my birthday last month. To top off to the basic look I wore a cap that had an embroidered anti social social club text in it. I actually styled this outfit to match the cap. Hehe.

You know I'm not really a fan of pink but I don't hate it. Growing up, pink just wasn't the color that I favored. Honestly, it's ironic that my room is pink. Well, my parents had it painted pink and I was young so I didn't mind or cared at all. I'm planning to have my room re-painted to white this year though (Finally!).

I braved to wear pink, well, because I got influenced by a lot of posts. Light pink seems to be the thing and I have to say I like it. I like the color on my skin as well.

*Btw, let me just say that I somehow regret wearing this hoodie but not really coz I looked amazing. Lol. It was so hot that day! I wasn't wearing any under the hoodie so I had to endure. #TiisGanda #SigeBlogPaMore.

Hoodie Taytay Rizal | Skirt Landmark | Hologram Sneakers Zalora | Cap Aliexpress | Bag Gift

Photo by Patrick D.