New Lipstick Fave From Mellow Cosmetics

The wonders of beautiful makeup packaging. The moment I saw the pale old rose bullet shaped lipstick online, I was like 'I've got to have one of those!'. They look so high quality and sells for $13-14. I knew it wouldn't be easy to get one since Mellow Cosmetics isn't available in the Philippines and shipping would be expensive, my heart was broken. Thankfully my Tita Nina had a trip to US, she was able to bring home these babies to me. Hurray!

A little background on Mellow Cosmetics. It's a New Zealand owned company. They offer a range of creamy matte lipstick, liquid lip paints, powder blushes, palettes and eyeliners. One reason to love brand? There products are cruelty free, vegan and paraben free.

The Creamy Matte Lipsticks are available in 10 colors but I don't have the budget to buy all 10 so I'll have to settle with 2 shades. To help me choose which shade to get I skimmed through a few blogs and vlogs but it actually made things harder, at least that got me on Shaanxo's channel where I discovered the Liquid Lip Paints from Mellow Cosmetics, Since I haven't tried any lip paints yet I decided to get two shades of those as well.


Look at these pretty things! The shades I got are Posh & Nude. As I've said earlier the lipstick is packaged in a pale old rose bullet shaped with a touch of gold similar to MAC lipsticks. The logo of Mellow Cosmetics, which made the lipstick look luxurious, is carved in the lipstick as seen in photo below.


Liquid lip paints are also available in 10 stunning shades. New York & Tehran are the ones I have. The packaging comes in a glass like tube with a gold cap, kind of reminds me of Colour Pop's ultra matte liquid lipsticks.


I only swatched  Posh & New York and not the two others (Nude & Tehran) for practicality sake. I don't go out often so I just don't want these lippies to expire. I even have a few more lippies to try (if you've seen my althea haul) so yeah.. #GirlProblems, Haha.

But I forgot which one I had opened for the shoot, apparently it was Nude and not Posh. The one I swatched and put on my lips for this blogpost was Nude but it should have been Posh. Oh well. Goodness me.


Bare lips. It's not very noticeable in photo but my lips was in a dry situation that day. I was worried the lipstick might not come out nicely.

Creamy Matte Lipstick | Posh

On my lips is the Creamy Matte in shade Posh. This shade is very similar to the color of my lips. Perfect for creating my no-makeup kind of look. I love it. It's pointed angle shape makes it easy & clean to apply. The stick seems pretty firm & solid, makes me think it could actually hold it's pointed shape forever. I hope...

Liquid Lip Paint | New York

On my lips is the Creamy Matte in shade New York. This one is more of a wine red/bordeaux color. I've never tried any dark shade of lipstick before because I'm more inclined to orangey/coral-ish colors, good thing I did or else I'd never discover know how beautiful my lips look with a dark shade of lipstick.

Since I didn't swatch Nude & Tehran I grabbed these images for Mellow Cosmetics site so you can at least see how the other two looks.

I'm loving Mellow Cosmetics, both lipsticks & lip paints are of quality and true to their claim of having a highly pigmented, none drying & moisturizing finish. Remember that I kind of had dry lips before I applied both lip products. Even though the lipstick is matte it didn't feel drying on my already dried lips and it actually made my lips softer & moisturized. It's also very weightless, like you didn't even put anything on. Same goes with the lip paint, I'm surprised with how my lips felt soft with it on. Although there were a little patches, it isn't too noticeable upfront.

Is it long-lasting? The brand claims their lip products are long-wearing and I attest to that. I've worn both creamy matt lipsticks & liquid lip stains, and both of them were still vibrant as the first application. Although, it did take a little beating were a small area on the lower lip had been wiped off but not completely, aside from that everything else is still intact. And my lips didn't felt dry at all.

Is it kiss-proof? The brand didn't mention anything about their lip products being kiss-proof. But based on my experience the lipsticks doesn't transfer once the lipstick had set and dried or if it transfers it's very minimal unlike the previous lipsticks I had that colors the cup pink/orange/red all over. Lol

I'm really happy I discovered these lippies and got to try them out. I am praying that Mellow Cosmetics would eventually grow bigger and rich the Philippines shores. I want more of these!

Mellow Cosmetics