Another Story

Oh how time flies. I turned a year older again. To make the moment more memorable and special, my family and I had lunch at Another Story, a story-book inspired cafe in Evia Lifestyle Center. We weren't really able to celebrate on the day itself, instead we went out the day after my birthday. Well, it's also fine to celebrate a month later (for real?? not really haha), what's important is we were together as a family (naks!) and as long as we'd eat some place nice that serves yummy food then I'm all good (ayun yun eh).

Here's some of the food we had on our table. I couldn't really take too many photos since I know they're hungry. They won't be patient enough for me to get the shot I want. Haha.

I really like the place and the food, the staff were really kind too. The interior reminds me of Cafe Voila and Coffee Project. It's like a mix of the two restaurants.

I only got to eat the seafood platter though, which I shared with my mom and dad since the steak was all for my younger brother. My kuya on the other hand ordered the four pieces artisan pancake. Anyway, the seafood platter was definitely something, it had fish fillet and two of my favorites - shrimp & salmon. If I find myself here again in Another Story I'd probably get the Seafood platter again. It's a bit pricey though.

When you can't find someone to take your outfit... find a mirror.

Another Story is such a beautiful & enchanting place. It was the perfect choice to celebrate the day I reached another milestone, I turned 25 last February 24... there were many stories told over the years from the people I've interacted with and my own, and there will be more to come because everyday there is another chance and everyday is Another Story. (may ganun? :P) I can't wait to see more untold stories happen. Cheers!

Another Story
Second Floor, Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang Hari Road, Almanza, Las PiƱas City