Look at me, Now look at her

I've been contemplating whether I should write about the outfit like usual or share the thoughts that had been running in my head for a few days. I choose the later. I don't usually share personal stuff like this but I'll share it anyway.

The past few days the words, 'Look at me, now look at her' just suddenly popped on my head while checking my Instagram feed. For some reason I was comparing my work to some of them. I ended up feeling sad that my images aren't as beautiful as others.

Those thoughts were initially something I wanted to share to just one person but I blogged about it instead and let the world know. Lol. That said, the reason I wanted to write about it, is so that I could come back to this post and remind myself not to think that way. There's no point in comparing and it doesn't help me in anyway. Instead I can take inspiration and learn from the works of others.

Plus looking back, I've also upped my blogging game and life in general. I've grown and done so much in the past that I never even thought I'd be able to do. And I know there's still a lot of opportunities waiting for me.

The best comparison is not with others but with myself, it's about the previous version of me compared to the better and current version of me. It's about the achievements, experiences and even failures that molded me to the person I am now.

Time to just look at my own things, focus on that and keep going.


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