Thank you 2016!

366 Days of 2016 was filled with a mix of hurdles, struggles, joy & happiness. There have been a lot of new endeavours this year. It was a crazy ride not to mention getting sick on the last few weeks of December.

This year I've succeeded with shopping less. Personal Achievement Unlocked! Lol. Thanks to being stuck at home for like 80% of the time. Though my closet is still jam-packed which means DECLUTTER time for 2017!

A total of 63 posts were made this year and there were a more viewers this year than the last. (Hurrah!!) I can't help but thank all the readers, friends & family who dropped by to read my little whatnots, You don't know how much support and encouragement that had given me.

Thank you for a year of wonderful opportunities, blessings & lessons. I will surely bring the good ones til' 2017 and wave goodbye to the bad.

See you in 2017! Hoping for more food and beauty posts & ootd's to come.

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