Coffee Project: Beauty & The Beans

There's a new player in the Philippines coffee scene, and it's surely winning many coffee addicts. Coffee project is fairly new and roughly four months fresh. In that span of time it had already created much noise and have had people sharing and coming to the cafe. Even though I'm not a coffee fan I too got curious and added it to my 'must-try list' if I get the chance.

One fine Saturday morning my parents were meeting friends at the place so I tagged along. I decided to get some of their caramel brownies and a dark chocolate frappe which was both so good. But my stomach wanted more so I got a pasta meal, my fave Carbonara. If I remember correctly what was Cheesy Bacon Carbonara in the menu. I have to say my tummy was more than happy!

Also, if you've seen a beautiful Instagram-worthy, garden-themed cafe in your Facebook or Instagram feed that would most likely be a shot from Coffee Project's interiors. The place is filled with lavish decors in almost every corner. Keep browsing to see my snaps. Btw, the coffee below was my mom's and not mine. So it's up to you to discover and taste how the coffee is. And did i say they provide at least one socket for each table?

Photos taken at Coffee Project Vista Mall Sta. Rosa

Coffee Project
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