I Choose To Be Me

I had no plans to play PoGo before the app was officially released a month ago. Back in my mind I was thinking that it was overhyped, and that I'm already filled up with things to do. I'm also already playing a different mobile game so I can't add Pokemon Go to my life at that time. But then one day while on Facebook I chance upon a post... Pokemon Go was already released and now available in the Philippines. I installed the app and fast forward to me being addicted to the game and playing every time I had the chance to be out of the house.

It was then that I came to realize what was part of me back then, Gaming. Most of the people met me would probably know me as the girl who wear skirts and short shorts, pose for the camera, be vain and all. But behind all that was a little girl who first wore jeans, shirts, and had no care how she looked like, messy hair and all. And was pretty much addicted to video games. (The word addiction seems like a bad thing though, hahaha)

I remember that time I was 8 or 9 yrs old, I didn't have my own Gameboy yet... I'd wake up really early around 5-6 am just to snatch my kuya's Gameboy from his room and play Harvest Moon. When I did get my own I'd play Pokemon & Harvest Moon still. At night I'd hear the background sound playing in my head just before I go to bed. And when I was in highschool, my brother introduced me to Ragnarok and I'd play it for more than I should. That's when I started playing other online games like Flyff, Trickster, Rose Online, etc. and some I'd play til 2-3 am.

They say you won't get anything back from playing games, there isn't money in it. But does it all have to be about money? I do things that I want and make me happy. I've been blogging for almost three years and I'm not part of the blogging crew who earns thousands from their blog but why do I keep on blogging? It's because it's my passion and I'm happy doing it. Same goes with playing.

Don't get me wrong I still have a home based day job to help me fund stuff (business, blog, etc.) and keep me alive.

Yes, PoGo won't last forever and same goes with the other games I'm into right now... But as long as it's out there and I'm into the game (not just PoGo), I'll continue playing. Simply because it's a part of me already.

Whatever people comment on the things I do and love doing, it does and would affect me and hurt me sometimes but I'll just shrug it off and continue with what I'm doing because I choose to be me. Cheers!