Bespoke: Orange Shift Dress

Despite the long overdue of blogposts, I went on a short break because I'm currently back to one of my old ways which is online gaming. Like most I get engrossed in the game, addiction sorts of build up and I can't stop playing. I also have a day job so my time is split with everything (working, blogging, playing) ... Haha.

Anyway, it's another #ootd fashion post again. This time it's even more special... I'm wearing something I made. Yes! From the pattern to sewing it altogether (Thanks FIP!). I wore this to the Trendsetter's Bazaar last June. I kept it simple and I wanted something I can wear A LOT and just play around it with styling. Keep browsing to see all the photos below.

Dress Bespoke/DIY | Eyeglasses Starfinder (Lens), Metrosunnies (Frame) | Shoes Keds | Accessories Style On Air

Photo by Patrick D.