Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Two Way Cake

I've always used the loose powder from Naturactor, it's been doing a wonderful job in setting my makeup and mattifying my oily face. Unfortunately.. after a few hours of work and play, my face would somewhat return it's a greasy state. Sad part is even though I wanted to stick and retouch with this powder, I can't bring it with me all the time because of it's bulky 1.5" thick 3" wide dimension. So I was on the lookout for a powder that I can bring with me almost everywhere I go. Since I prefer to test the product to see if it would blend well on my skin, I didn't bother to shop online. And because I'm part of the #Team-Bahay & #Work-At-Home-Club I don't get to visit the malls that much. I'm usually out only on Sundays (for mass & grocery with fam)...

That day at Shopwise we were on our usual Sunday grocery trip and while going through the supermarket I stumbled upon Maybelline's counter. I tested several of their powders and such... until I decided to grab on to this Dream Satin Skin in the shade Nude Beige.

The packaging is simple with an engraved logo of Maybelline NY on the case. I liked the specific shade of beige kind of nude they used for the case as well.

I skipped the sponge that was included and applied the powder to my face with this pink cosmetic sponge instead. It is true to it's claim of having satin texture. I like that it's light and it doesn't feel like I've actually applied powder on my face.

Here's a before and after. So there wasn't a big significant difference.. But I did notice my redness is tamed. My pores were still noticeable though it seemed smaller with the powder on even though I just applied a thin layer on my cheeks... Since hiding pores isn't the purpose of this powder I'm totally fine with it, that's more of the job of concealers and I think I didn't apply any for this review. It's just the Dream Satin Skin Two Way Cake on my bare cheek.

Maybelline's Dream Satin Skin Two Way Cake promises to bring out the best in you, Lol. It's unique one-film technology provides an ultra thin layer with refined powder that's extremely fit for a stretchable finish (okay, what does that mean exactly? lol). The powder is extremely thin for an ultra breathable finish. (That's why, as I've said, I didn't feel like I've applied anything on my face).

I have used this two way cake for 4-5 times I think? I was somehow glad that it's most suitable for oily faced ladies like me. I really am happy with it's thin formula and that it contains SPF 32 PA+++ (I swear by cosmetics with sunscreen). And when I used this, I was out to man our booth at a bazaar and there ain't no aircon whatsoever. Just natural (warm) air and the sun. I expected my face to be in it's usual greasy state like how it is after a long day but that time in that situation my face was less shiny and oily. To think I didn't retouched even once from the morning I applied it. I was home at around 9pm, btw. The only downside is (I'm not that sure yet though)... I think this powder was the cause of my breakouts. Huhuhu. I used the powder last Sunday.. the next day I noticed small bumps on my face. But I've also been lacking water and sleep at that time so I do hope it's not because of the powder because I think it's a great product for my oily skin.