Etude House: Fresh Cherry Tint

I've finally taken this Fresh Cherry Tint I bought from Singapore out of the stack.  Somehow I regret not using it sooner.. I really love how it looks so natural, gives of a perfect no makeup makeup look plus I kind feel my lips become healthier after use. Keep browsing and see it on my lips, including two other shades of this Fresh Cherry Lip Tint.

Here's the two other shades of Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint I got as gift. I decided to include them in this post to compare the three shades and just check the swatch of each. (Tints was also first seen on product sample post here)

Freshly applied. Red is obviously more pigmented than the other two. The peach tone seems to be very light probably because it had been sitting in the storage for so long and had lost it's luster. Lol. The peach tint came out more of a pinkish tone on my lips compared to the swatch on my arm. (See below.)

After washing and rubbing my hands.. The red and pink shades kept it's stain. The peach one was almost invisible. Huhu.

Fresh Cherry Tint - Peach

Wearing the peach tint. I really bought the peach one instead of the other two because I'm more inclined to coloring my lips with coral and orange tones. This shade is actually a tiny bit more orangey in person but as I've said earlier it came out a bit more pinkish than expected when applied to the lips.

Fresh Cherry Tint - Pink

Personally, I find the pink & peach lip tints having a similar effect/tone on my lips, both also gave me naturally coloured looking lips. I like em both actually. Hahaha.

Fresh Cherry Tint - Red

Oh my g! What can I say? The moment I applied the red one on my lips, I felt empowered (what?). Lol.. Hahaha. Hello red lips. It's absolutely gorgeous. I kind of wished I got the red one instead but bf isn't into red lips so I go for muted colors instead... Trying this one on makes me want to shift to red lipsticks... I like that it had a more berry tone to it. Too bad it isn't showing much in photo but ughhh.. so pretty in person.

 I had to use my fingers to apply the pink & red tints since they were just in a sachet form and didn't have the doefoot applicator unlike the peach tint. Just look at how red and messy my fingers were below.

Okay so, despite my inclination towards the red cherry tint.. I still like the other two and been using the peach one, hoping I would empty the bottle one day. Hahaha. Before I forget to mention.. after taking photos for this post, I had the red tint last and after drinking and eating.. nothing changed my lips were still stained. Came dinner.. I ate and drank again, the tint started to fade a bit on the edges but the stain is still visible. The next morning, my lips were still stained. I guess these tint may pass as long lasting. Though I've always thought that lip tints are originally the ones to last longer than lipsticks. (JMO - just my opinion).. Also, the scent of these tints do give a bit off a cherry fragrance and for me it's more of sweet candy, something like that scent.

After all those positive feedback with the tints, what I don't like about it is it's a bit sticky on the lips, probably for moisture (which is great if that's what it's stickiness is for) coz' a winning lip product for me is the one that's light and something that doesn't feel like you've applied something on your lips.

Will I buy again? I would absolutely get one again if I've got extra cash. Andddd..I've just purchased a number of lip tints from Althea (will share soon!!) and some lipsitcks from US (so excited to get my hands on em)... Plus, I have another pending lipstick post that needs photos (haven't even opened the lipsticks). It breaks my heart when my lippies expire and I don't get to use them as much as I'm supposed to.. If I can't empty them might as well use more than half of the product.. So I'm trying my best to empty/make most of the lippies I currently own (and I'm probably failing, Lol) and storing some in the fridge too. So best of luck for me on that.

I'm actually tempted to try the Dear Darling tint from Etude as well but maybe next time. Boo! Haha. Anyway, that's it loves.

Thanks for dropping by!