Vanilla Cupcake Bakery: A Sweet Haven

It was the another Marvel movie hype and of course as a fan of Chris Evans, I couldn't miss it. I don't mind watching it at a later date (the way I usually am with movies) but this time Patrick wanted to watch it as soon as possible, which was four days after it's first day of showing (still earlier than the usual). We were supposed to take my ootds first but the both of us were hungry so we decided to fill our tummies first while we wait for our movie time.

Obviously, we picked the very tea party themed Vanilla Cupcake Bakery at Evia Center, Daang Hari. You'd think we'd get cupcakes but actually we weren't able to eat any cupcakes while we were there. The good thing is I've already tried their yummy cuppie cakes at their Makati branch. We ordered pasta and chicken instead. I got full already so I skipped the cupcake now I wish I did, Patrick isn't a fan of sugars so yeah. More photos of our food & the ohh so shabby chic interiors of Vanilla Cupcake Bakery below.

Looking at these make me regret not trying just one cupcake even more.

My plate: Chicken Cordon Bleu.

His plate: Shrimp Pasta.

Well, if you knew me I'm more of the pasta kind and I don't eat rice so it's like our plates were mixed up. But I really did order the the cordon bleu because I didn't want to ruin my lipstick (Ha! Vanity at it's finest). Halfway eating our own plates we switched afterwards Hahaha. I didn't bother the rice so he ate all of what's left. He left me with two pieces of shrimp. Yey! He knows. Hahaha. I'm so happy he chose the pasta.

Cute details!

And that is all my friends. I know most of you know this lovely dolly place already, but just in case you guys live in the south here's another Vanilla Cupcake Bakery branch near us. See you on the next post!

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery
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