SM GTW: 1 Dress 5 Looks

I'd like to welcome our special guest for today, SM GTW Pleated Salmon Dress. Yeeey! Haha. You'll get to see how she frolics from day to night. Her guesting is very timed for our current situation, her salmon pink tone shines perfectly for summer.

Outfit #1. Festival Look

This blue green vest matches gives our SM GTW Dress a fun and vibrant vibe. It's best for those days when you know you'll be enjoying a day with friends, perhaps to a music festival and the theme is candy. Haha. It's a nice way to change up the shorts game once in a while, specially if you'd like to be cute and all (like me... >.<).

Outfit #2: Out and About Look

Our SM GTW dress guest knows that a denim polo never fails to level up an outfit. Throw in a denim top, sneakers and your good to go. You can wear this when your out doing some shopping at a mall. It's casual yet stylish, girl next door kind of look. Even if you're wearing a dress it doesn't come out too girly, thanks to our denim polo that balances things out.

This is my personal favourite.

Outfit #3: Jetsetter Look

Since our SM GTW dress guest likes skies and airplanes too, she went for a versatile scarf that can be worn in different ways. The scarf can be worn the usual hanging around/wrapped up in your neck or something like the how we styled it below... Airplanes can be a freeze sometimes so it's best to have something to keep us warm.

Outfit #4: On a Date Look

Kimono's are girls bff, and our pretending-to-be-shy guest decided to have her white kimono friend come and join her on her date. This ensemble is something you can wear at night on a dinner date or even to a party.

Outfit #5: Girl on the Go Look 

*Honestly, I don't know what to call this last look anymoreee....  Lol.

..But! From the looks of it. It's something you can wear when you're out for coffee, a casual meeting or similar to the 2nd outfit, for hanging out in the mall and such. This style is something inspired from Korean Ulzzang girls.

Bonus outfit #6:

Hahaha! Our special guest SM GTW dress on its own (you saw this look way up there too)... This look is nice to wear on special occasions, the clutch bag from Zalora makes & strappy heels (my current fave) from Hue Manila makes the look chic..

If I'd like to dress down a bit, I'd wear my comfy flats in white or nude shade.

Thank you for our special guest SM GTW who's colour is so lovely and pleats so perfect for joining us for today. Hahaha...

My personal best would be Outfit #2. Would be nice if you let me know what outfit you preferred by commenting below.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed the looks and got some ideas for your own style. Remember when shopping for a dress, make sure to think if it can be styled with pieces you already have in your wardrobe. That's it! Hope to see you on my next post.

Salmon Dress SM GTW Shopaholic