H&M: 'Red-y', Knit, Go!

I only had a few red pieces in my wardrobe before because I find the shade a bit too vibrant and attention grabbing. One Christmas eve, we were required to wear red.. and that basically turned the table, well sort of. I've started to embrace the red colour, actually more on the darker shades of red... Burgundy, Maroon.. Etc. Because I still find red, red too vibrant for me.

Anyway, enough talk about the red colour per se. I wore this red knitted pullover from H&M and paired it with my white zippered shorts for my birthday (Yes, my birthday was a month ago.. Haha #betterlatethannever post again) because I felt celebrating the day and wanted to tell the world it's my birthday even though the only people who will know are the people who is with me and know me. Lol . Just like to mention that I super liked the mix of dark red & purplish blue yarns on the pullover. (Keep scrolling for more photos & brands)

Knit Pullover H&M | Milk Bag Tees & Things | Socks & Platform Sneakies GU Japan

Justin de Leon