How to be a #SelfieExpert

Are you interested for a few tips on taking good-looking selfies? I've taken quite a thousands of selfies over the years of my existence and I still remember those not so appealing selfies way long before I've started blogging. Good thing I’d levelled up! Now, I still can’t call myself a #SelfieExpert but I've learned and gained quite a lot of experience on turning old so-so selfies to my current So Fab Selfies. 

I’m sharing 5 tips I've come up with for a fab and stunning selfie:

1. Know your Angle.
Practice taking a number of photos to know which side you look best. Most of my selfies are usually taken at a slightly higher angle. It makes my face look slimmer and it highlights my eyes.

2. Natural Light.
Proper lighting makes our skin look its best. I would opt taking photos next to a window or go outside to take advantage of natural light. 

3. Clear/Interesting Backgrounds
Your face is will be the highlight of the photo but a clear and proper background is also an element to make the selfie a package. I prefer a clean white background or something that has plants, texture and geometry to make the selfie more interesting. Something like the photos below.

4. Confidence.
Go all out! Have fun..Be silly or be sexy. Put your best smile. Don’t be shy in taking your selfie, it’s yours anyay! So work it! Your confidence will show in your photo. You’ll have tons of fun, specially if you let loos and be yourself!

5. Edit.
There’s nothing wrong with editing your pictures! Like I’ve said it’s yours anyway. Feel free to collage your selfies, add some cooling filters, etc.. I like brightening up my photos, and sharpening them subtly. I rely on two apps for my selfies and play with some filters available.

BeautyPlus & VSCOcam

A Good Camera Phone.
Remember, quality wins. Having a phone with a good camera, specifically a great front camera ups the game of selfies like the OPPO F1 Selfie Expert.

With it’s 8-megapixel front camera with a wide f/2.0 aperture lens, more light enters the camera so you can take a clear selfie even in less ideal lighting conditions. It has a Beautify feature that helps enhance the look for a picture perfect selfie anytime, anywhere. Taking photos on low-light conditions are also a problem, with OPPO F1′s Screen Flash your face will still come out bright, clear and natural. Sounds like a pretty exciting camera phone!

That’s it! Now it’s time to selfie-away! Don’t forget to enjoy and have fun..

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