24 Facts About Me

I'm not very open to sharing personal stuff but since today is my 24 on 24 birthday special I've decided to share and post 24 things about me. I love reading facts shared by some of my favorite bloggers so I hope you'll enjoy learning a few things about me too.


1. I’m the middle child and the one and only daughter.

2. I live so close by to Enchanted Kingdom that I can walk going there instead.

3. I’ve only been to three countries outside the Philippines so far.

4. We used to live in Indonesia when I was 4 yrs old. We were there for 3 years.

5. I’m part of the small feet club. Size 5!

6. I used to draw and paint a lot.

7. I have a knack for diy and crafts stuff.

8. I’ve thought of becoming a nun when I was in highschool.

9. I love to dance but I’m shy about it. (Sometimes, I would secretly dance alone in my room)

10. I can spin a hula hoop for more than an hour.

11. I’d choose basketball over volleyball

12. … but I’d rather play badminton.

13. Despite studying in a driving school, I still don’t drive. (But this is part of my goals, so I’ve got to drive again soon)

14. I have a lot of accessories but I rarely wear them.

15. I used to be afraid of dogs (actually I’m afraid of a lot of animals, but I learned to appreciate them)

16. I’ve been wanting to do cosplay.

17. My favourite cartoons was Powerpuff Girls. My bag, lunchbag, notebooks etc. were all branded with Powerpuff Girls.

18. I had a pink Power Ranger costume, my kuya had the green Power Ranger costume. 

19. Shallow it may be, but I am mesmerised by beautiful light displays.

20. I’ve been known to be a corny person. (It runs in the family. Lol)

21. Ever since I was able to eat solid foods, I never liked eating rice. (Because I want it really really soft to the point of soggy or in our term ‘Malabsa’)

22. That’s why one of my favorite dish is Congee/Lugaw/Arozz Caldo/Goto.

23. My all-time favorite potato chips: Lays!

24. My current dream goals are growing my blog (*and bank account, lol) & travelling to Japan.

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