Micadventures: Pico De Loro Holiday Trip

If you’re someone like me who stays home most if not all the time.. (Which is a bit contradicting for someone like me who wants to blog) but then I grew up that way that’s why I can’t help but feel so much pleasure whenever I take trips here and there with my family. And since, we had a relative abroad coming for a week this Christmas season we went to Pico de Loro for an overnight stay after Christmas.

Members and guests of Pico de Loro can swim at the pool til’ 10pm. The photo above is where the pool is located, it’s divided into three pools. One for the kids, the other is a 4ft deep and the biggest one which would probably be 5ft deep (the photo below is the deepest pool).

We stayed in one of the condo buildings here.

On the opposite side of the hotel you’ll find the beautiful beach.. Where my brother, cousin and I were only able to swim for like 10 minutes I think. Hahaha. Because we took pictures first, went back to our room to change into swim gear and then got back to the beach at probably past 5:30 and looked for other family members before we splashed to the sea not knowing the beach was only open til’ 6pm.

With my cousin, Isabel who visits every two years or so. See you soon!

The place was awesome. It’s nice to unwind and just enjoy the moment without thinking about school or work. I was looking forward for a climb at Mount Pico de Loro, also known as Mount Palay-Palay but our time was limited since we just stayed overnight. Still, it was surely a memorable trip for me and my family.

Would be glad to be back to this place! Hope you guys had a great day welcoming 2016!

Pico De Loro Beach Resort
Hamilo Coast, 4231 Philippines Nasugbu, Philippines