K-Palette Haul (c.o Patrick): Eyeliners, Eyebrow Liners, Concealer

Make up for me!! Yey... Someone got me fab K Palette goodies. Thank you mi amor who traveled to Japan and got me ‘pasalubong’. I forced him to buy me stuff!! Kidding, I actually didn’t know what he could get me when he asked a few days before his flight. I would say hello kitty, this and that nonsense even though I adore a bunch of Japanese products, I couldn’t think of any, so brain dead. Until, I thought of makeup, and sent him product images of K Palette a few hours before he flies. And fast forward to his return... with K Palette stuff, some Meiji products as well as food. So, this haul is actually more like Patrick’s haul and not mine.

Ta-da!~ look how lovely these K Palette thingies are. So happy! Lol.

K Palette is actually available in Beauty Bar stores here in the Philippines but I guess I’m lazy to drop by (tsk tsk tsk) plus it’s cheaper in Japan (duh). And since I was asked what I wanted for ‘pasalubong’, thou shall not neglect! Lol.

Lets move on and break the haul into parts. First is K Palette Okuma Cover Control Concealer in shade 02 & 03 (there are three shades in total). The last time I had a concealer was like 11 years ago! Finally I have something to cover up my dark eye bags again. Yey!

Next... we have K Palette Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow, one of the most popular product. I heard it really stays the whole day.

Featuring K Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Pencil.

Lastly, the latest/newest product by K Palette. The Essence Shadow Liner, an eyeshadow and eyeliner in one that comes in four color combinations. I only requested for three shades. The other color is more of a dark brown/black shade.

I must say I’m lucky for being loved by someone and that he would actually buy me make up. I appreciate the thought (so much, lol). I wished I could have joined the trip though. (So I could get even more beauty products! Lol, kidding).

That’s all folks! I will be trying these K Palette products soon... and will share it here in the blog as well. Some of you guys may have tried it out. Like a friend of mine who told me about K Palette and how great the product is, and made me want to have the product. If you’ve tried it already, feel free to share if the product worked for you by commenting below.

Hope you guys liked Patrick’s haul! (Haha) Til’ the next blog post.

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