Frankie’s: New York Buffalo Wings at SM Aura Food on Four

Few weeks ago Patrick and I had an errand for our business. We were meeting up with a possible supplier at SM Aura. We decided to wait at Food on Four... and on our way up from the basement an advertisement of delightful buffalo wings from Frankie’s caught our eyes. (Great Job to their marketing team! LOL )

We were seated at the food court for a moment before we ordered our meals. Actually, both of us tried to look for other options aside from the buffalo wings from Frankie’s. We shared Crazy Crepe’s pork floss crepe while waiting but then our contact was still stuck on traffic so we decided to finally indulge and get over with our cravings.

Here’s the menu of Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings for our reference... We just got a half dozen of Asian Zing to taste.

We just got a half dozen of Asian Zing to taste. I’m so excitedd....

Here’s the actual photo of our half dozen Asian Zing order from Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings. I’m not sure how I can properly describe how I liked the buffalo wings... We were given plastic gloves to use with our hands so we could really enjoy our buffalo wings. Because there’s nothing like having to hold and binge on your chicken! (with clean hands after). The asian zing flavor seems new to our palate but it’s totally delicious and the chicken’s skin had just the right crisp to it. Obviously, I loved it, had a good time and actually craving for it right now. (Sucks when writing a food post.. you tend to crave over and over again. Lol.)

So that’s! I just wanted to share with you guys the new food I’ve tried. If you’ve eaten here, share me some other flavors you’ve tried and how was it for you.

Hope I got you craving for buffalo wings. See yah!

Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings
4/F Food on Four, SM Aura Premier, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

(They’re at the farthest end of the food court, close to the glass windows)