Valerie Zein Accessories: Handmade Jewelry

I personally am the Do-It-Yourself creature. I’ve done different types of bracelets, necklaces and rings. That’s why I appreciate stuffs that are handmade. It’s quite tricky and requires a lot of effort and creativity to make something not only unique but special as well.

That’s why I love Valerie Zein Accessories. It’s handmade, unique, and made with love!

See how the Valerie Zein Accessories Samantha necklace make my all white ensemble look extra stylish with the pop of colour.

This Valerie Zein Accessories Samantha necklace can be stacked up together or worn separately. I decided to have them together. By the way, this piece is one of the bestsellers of Valerie Zein Accessories.

Statement Necklace Valerie Zein Accessories | White Top IFassion | Shoes Hue Manila

Thanks to the Valerie Zein of Valerie Zein Accessories for this unique piece of jewellery. Achieve original and stylish look with uniquely crafted pieces by following @vzaccessories on Instagram!

See you!