FIP Makati: My Road to a Fashion Dream

Somehow, I’d like to think that little by little I am moving towards my dream of being a fashion designer and that I have God supporting me on this.

If you’ve seen my previous post, I’ve taken up sewing classes at FIP and enrolled to other classes as well. I’ve finished my Basic Sewing class, Basic Patternmaking for Ladieswear and Basic Fashion Design. I am currently taking up Fashion Merchandising, Children’s Wear and Advanced Fashion Design.

Here’s my sketch of a woman facing side view, one of the few things I’ve learned in class.

Some Prints & Patterns.

A work in progress... I finally had the courage to share my progress. I couldn’t post my drawings during my Basic Fashion Design class in FIP coz’ ang papangit ng drawing ko, kakahiya.
I hope you guys liked it, I know I need a lot more practice..