Xeleb: Launch Party | AnneGaling Puzzle Game

 Xurpas, the company that creates digital products for the mobile consumer has launched a company solely for mobile games named after celebrities.

Xeleb is the first company established by Xurpas with Anne Curtis, Isabelle Daza, Kim Atienza and Erwan Heussaff as principal shareholders

Last night was Xeleb’s faithful launch, and I was privileged enough to see what Xeleb is all about. Yehey!

Here’s Raymond Racaza, Chief Operating Officer of Xurpas to share the history of Xurpas. From how it was a small office that grew into a corporation.

And.... Finally the reveal of #AnneGaling. A puzzle game which is now available in Google Play! it’s more than just your ordinary match up game because you can also dress up a virtual version of Anne as well. So grab your android phone’s.. Download the app.. And play Anne Galing!

Spotted Alex of Reluctant Stylista! Missed this pretty babe! Glad to see her again.

MMA ID 108 represent! Lol. All thanks to this lovely lass, Marge Manabat for inviting me.

I’m guessing that a game will follow Anne Galing and will either be Erwan, Isabelle or Kuya Kim. Hmmmm.... Or probably Xeleb will surprise us with 3 new games all in one go.

What they did here is nothing but astounding. Perfect for the party and gives off a gamey feel. I love playing games, mobile games & online games. I played Ragnarok, Tantra, Flyff, Trickster, Rose Online etc. before, when I was still in highschool and a little bit in college.. I missed them. I stopped sometime when I moved to apple. Now I’ve started playing Summoner’s War on mobile (want to add me as a friend?) Haha.

Anyway, congratulations to Xeleb! Good job on Anne Galing! I look forward to other Xeleb games.

For Andropid users (special shout out to my friends)! Don’t forget to download Anne Galing on Google Play!