House of Lasagna: Pasta Cravings Satisfied

Are you a pasta lover like me? Then, the House of Lasagna by Chef Erick Congmon is a restaurant you should try (if you haven’t tried).

During our lunch get-together, my college bff Inna mentioned about House of Lasagna. That the restaurant is getting raves and that is a must-try for both of us. And since, I won’t be in Makati forever and were just a few steps from the restaurant we should visit the place at least.

Last week, we with one of our ka-barkada planned to grab lunch together. I suggested we eat at House of Lasagna (Dela Rosa branch). Finally, I’ll get to try it out and satisfy my pasta cravings.

Here’s a part of the place~

My oh so talented friend & singer Yolec! Took his photo while waiting for our meals. Check out his covers on Soundcloud or watch his video on Youtube! HAHA.

First served! Southern Fried Chicken Skin (P200)!! Thank you sooo much Yolec for ordering this one.. I love chicken skin... (even if it’s *cough not good *cough for my health)

Yolec’s order. Southern Fried Chicken (P220)

We had another friend, Neal to join us that day and here’s his White Bacon Mushroom (P220). I kind of envied his order... I wanted white pasta that day.

But I ordered the Creamy Pesto instead (P220)..

Here is Inna’s order, Baked Mac & Cheese (P220)
Uhm, so we were in House of Lasagna but neither one of us ordered a Lasagna. Hahaha. We’re so awesome! Haha.

Anyway, here’s what I have to say about House of Lasagna. The chicken skin is absolutely yummy, it didn’t taste like it’s been drowned in too much oil. The plate’s been emptied by us immediately. Haha. My order, Creamy pesto, was yeah, creamy.. I really wished I had ordered Neal’s pasta.. not that the creamy pesto didn’t taste good, it did! I was just not in the mood for pesto that day.. So why in the world did I order it, right? It got me with the word ‘creamy’.. Hahaha. Serving is a mouthful, I was only able to finish 1/4 of my creamy pesto. I took home my left over and had some of it during dinner instead, I liked it more during dinner, My mom liked it as well, and wants to try achieving the same taste.

If you’ve noticed the prices I’ve posted.. their pasta costs P220. Except for the lasagna which costs at P280 for a single serving, P800 for a half tray and P1,400 for the whole tray (Wohhoooo! Who’s up for a lasagna parteey! HAHAHA)

Time for the four of us to part ways. Neal? Is he sleeping?.. >.<

Mealtime is best when you’ve got friends around!

It’s funny we didn’t order House of Lasagna’s specialty... I’ve got to and I will surely go back to House of Lasagna, coz’ I gotta taste that Lasagna! I must! I mussst! Haha.

Leaving you guys with the link to Munchpunch for House of Lasagna Dela Rosa branch menu. Check them out! (and be sure to try their Lasagna)