Zalora: Navy Blue Romper

I’ve been in a toast for three months. Finally, it’s almost time for the cool/rainy season. The month of June marks the beginning the cool/rainy days.. Even though I dislike rain because I don’t like the idea of getting my stuff or myself wet, I desperately want the weather to cool up! That means rain (and more trees please actually).. I’ll just have to tolerate the coming wet-weather.

Though us, filipinos may have to wait until the second or third week of June for rain (few more days to go).. I’ll have to keep enduring the heat.

Comfortable dressing is a must! I choose to wear this romper I bought from Zalora (also seen in my previous blog entry). I’ve been planning to wear this romper and my Fila sneakers. Good thing I was able to do so just before summer ends.
I know... There is no summer here in the Philippines, it’s just wet/dry season. But we’re all used to calling the months of March to April Summer. So Summmmeeer it is.

Saw this shoes at Fuego’s outlet store in Paseo de Santa Rosa. I didn’t buy it instantly but I just came back for it. Luckily, they haven’t stashed it away.

This is actually my first time to sport a romper... Most rompers don’t look flattering on my vertically challenged height. But this one made me want to buy a few more rompers. Since Philippines is a tropical country it is actually appropriate and okay to wear summer outfits. Rompers here I come...

I make weird poses. Hahaha.