Etude House: Gotham City #19 Enamelting Gel Nails

Decided to try another shade from Etude House’s range of Enamelting Gel Nails polishes - #19 Gotham City. To be real honest, there’s a reason why I changed my polish.. you’ll find out if you read my other enamelting gel nails review.

Added a touch of white to my nail polish. Just a simple french mani using the same Enamelting Gel Nail - #1 Marshmallow.

Lovin these rings that I ordered from Taobao. Thank you Bungeee (my best cousin in the world!) again for bringing it here to me all the way from Singapore. I love youuu! Mwuah!

Hope I could keep the polishes on my fingernails for two weeks. I’ve already had it for 5 days and it still looks lovely, there is a subtle part of my thumb that chipped (somewhere at the edge of the nail where the french manicure is) but it’s not very noticeable at all. So hopefully it’ll last for more days. I made a blog post update of the first time I used this Enamelting Gel Nails, check it out by clicking this link. I also shared my uhmmm.. ‘discovery’ I guess on how we can easily remove the gel nail polish.

Hope you liked my current nail polish.
*Btw, I also painted my painted my toe nails with the same colour.

UPDATE: June 10, 2015

Here’s my nail polish after two weeks! Still intact! :D It has grown a few cm which means I’m about to change my nail polish soon and try a new colour from Etude House’s Enamelting Gel Nails.