Basic Sewing Class at Fashion Institute of the Philippines (FIP)

Welcome to FIP!!! It all begins by opening Fashion Institute of the Philippines’ door! (Haha)

I’ve shared my fashion school hunt previously in my Fashion Schools in the Philippines post and there I mentioned that I’ll be taking classes at Fashion Institute of the Philippines (FIP) Makati branch. One of the course I enrolled for the/my first term is the Basic Sewing for Ladies wear.

I’ve been attending sewing class at FIP for three weeks already. My first day was last April 23. It’s every Thursdays with Sir Mark de la Peña. It was a bit unfortunate that I had to use my left foot (so difficult!), because I had sprained my right ankle two days prior (also the reason why this post is quite late.) My mom accompanied me just to keep me safe and help me walk. (Thanks Mom!) I still haven’t fully recovered but I can somehow walk and bear the pain.

Due to my injured ankle I was only able to apply cc cream, foundation & powder over my face. No makeup look!

So far the sewing machines I see at FIP Makati are all Juki brand. Except for the serger. They also have two machines painted, one in pink and one in yellow still Juki, so cute! (#just sharing)
Here’s a detail of what I’ve done and will be doing at FIP’s sewing course on a per day basis.

I started using the machine immediately. The very first thing to do is to gain proper control and get used to the machine. I started stitching a paper. No thread just following the lines marked on the paper. After my last paper I moved to sew on the ‘katsa’ or muslin. I learned how to do the reverse to lock the first and last stitch.

Continued sewing on the ‘katsa’ or muslin. After the last activity which was sewing a dart, the next step was edging. Was so excited to use the serger machine! Sadly it wasn’t that easy at first.

I was still on the edging machine for a few hours until I finished edging the last piece of fabric. After that, I went back to the regular sewing machine and stitched the ones I’ve edged according to what Sir Mark instructed. Soon after, I’m about to start my 1st project - the basic skirt! YEY!! And since I just had my first day of pattern making class last Saturday, I will be using my own measurements for the skirt that I will be sewing. (clap clap) I ended the day with cutting the fabric according to the pattern I made.

DAY 4 (Updated: 05202015)
I’ve finally made my first sewing project! It’s a basic skirt. YEY! Though it’s not yet done, you can see the pins at the hem of the one on the right. Hahaha. Still need to stitch the hem. The one on the left is the front and the one on the right is the back portion.

Since I’m also taking up pattern making I was able to make a skirt of my own size.

It’s looking like real clothing with the zipper. :)

DAY 5 (UPDATED: June 6, 2015)
For my 5th week in sewing class, I finished my first project! YEY! Haha. And started with my 2nd project, it’s a skirt again but this time with lining.

DAY 6 (UPDATED: July 7, 2015)
I got busy T_T, wasn’t able to update this post on time.. but my 6th day in sewing class was last May 28th. From here, I’ll be posting up until my 9th day.
For my 6th day, I successfully finished my 2nd project.

Viola! Here it is... pardon the wrinkles of my skirt, I got lazy to iron it ... Just like my first project, I made my own basic skirt pattern and made this skirt shorter than the first one. The difference of this project with the first one is that this one has a lining. After I’ve finished with my 2nd project, it’s time to move on to the third one, a blouse (with sleeves and collar). Since we haven’t discussed bodices in pattern-making I just used the ready made patterns that’s intended for the sewing class. And as usual, I wasn’t able to finish it on that day.

I continued working on my 3rd project.


There! I was able to ‘half-finish’ the blouse... It should have buttonholes and buttons but according to my instructor the machine in school isn’t working properly so... Haha. I hope I could finish the blouse someday?

Shoutout to my college bff Inna, for being my mannequin... Thanks so much!!
On the same day, I started cutting out the fabrics from the ready-made pattern for my 4th project, which is a sleeveless dress. Wohoo!

Finished the dress today, but still need to do some minor stitching on the zipper and iron it out. I’ll post a photo soon!

(To be continued)
Hoping that you’re still interested (haha)... I’ll be updating this post every week to share my daily sewing activity at FIP until I am finished with my last project. There are 6 projects in total and I have to finish all the projects within the span of 4 months.