Event: Trendsetter’s Bazaar Summer Series | May 2015

I like shopping at bazaars, aside from window shopping through the carefully chosen & unique pieces that other people have to offer some would also sell their items at a lower price compared to the price they would post online.

So you see, I have two instagram accounts, one is my personal account and the other is my shopping account where I follow different IG sellers (it’s actually a selling account turned to shopping account). Some shops I follow participated the Trendsetter’s Bazaar’s so I definitely should go, right?? :)

After my class last friday, I ran off (not literally though :3) to World Trade Center to buy a few things at Trendsetter’s Bazaar.

Pretty shoes from @huemanila! Bought shoes from them! I want a lot of their shoes! Hahaha.

Okay so I just went trigger-happy, taking photos here and there of the things I find nice. Cute summer collection from Kirin Kirin.

Slip-ons from Tutum Shop now on my wishlist.

The PINEAPPLE, burger and sushi printed socks from @socksfin! OMG SO CUTEE! :3

Whenever I go to bazaars, I would always do a run-through on all the booths starting from either the left or the right side before I decide to buy from a store. And after all that walking, I would be hungry!

And another thing about bazaars - the food! I have a wide selection of where or what to eat plus most of the food these people are selling are not available on malls. I like the feeling of buying food from these stalls, gives me a happy feeling of trying something new.

Like Ilocos Manang Joy Empanada, I ordered the Super Enjoypanada, while Patrick ordered Double Meat. And woah, my meal was big ands stuffed! Ughh, empanada from Vigan, I want to go back and eat empanada. T_T Haha

OOTD! Haha. Thank you @divinagraciapat for taking my photo.. :) <3

Here’s my mini loot. It’s kind of difficult to resist the urge to buy more, but I have to deprive myself and stick to shopping only those I planned to buy. The shoes I really wanted to buy from a different brand didn’t sell the shoe at the bazaar - boo! At least I found these pretty heels from Hue Manila.

Hue Manila (@huemanila) Jennica Heels (Black + White): Regular Price: 1,150 | Bought for 900.
Vanilla Breeze Clothing (@vanillabreezeclothing) Pastel green shorts: 850.00