Event: Summering With Rustans Part II

Decided to seperate this one from my earlier post ‘11 Favourite Looks from #SummeringWithRustans Runway’ to avoid very long articles. :D

In this post I’d like to share my experience regarding the event. I’m also sharing three menswear looks from the runway. I’ve selected the looks based on three things; 1. If normal men can/will wear the look (or so I think) 2. I would like to see my beau in a similar getup 3. My boyfriend will wear the similar style (I assume).

Rustan’s filled the event with music, a fashion show, FOOD & fun games. They gave us guests a goodie bag and Raffle Stamp Card, you’ll get a stamp per carnival booths you go to. The booths let you play different kinds of games and if you win you just might win a prize. As for me, I won the Herschel P500 Voucher & LeSportsac luggage tag. Some booths give out vouchers even if you don’t win.

You’re probably familiar with the pop the balloon game where you throw the dart and try to pop the balloon that are sticked on the wall.. I was with Patrick and telling him to play coz’ I’m not very good with darts. Still, I was the one to play the game, just before I threw the dart I said “Di ako magaling dito (I’m not good at this.)” and threeeww that dart...tuuush! I popped it! I popped the balloon in one throw. Ohhh.... I was glorious!! Haha. ROFL. That game indeed made the night memorable. :)) I won the luggage tag in that game.

Okay, that was wordy :P Sorry, I'm in joy (and disbelief). Let’s move on to the menswear I talked about earlier.

Patrick doesn’t really wear coats that much, but I think this would look nice for times when men have to look polished & smart. Next look...

Casual casual :) Would look nice for strolling around places.

This one is my fave (and would totally like to see this look on my boyfriend). I like the shade of blue and the stripes for the pullover/sweater. The outfit is a good mix. Really hope Patrick would try this look.

Hey! If you have suggestions on how to style men share them with me :) :D You may comment them below.