Happy 23rd Birthday Mica

Hi Everyone! Just last Tuesday, February 24, 2015 I went up another age. One more year and I'll be the same age as my birth date.

We would usually just have a cake and/or ice cream plus kfc's bucket chicken at home when it's the birthday of a family member but this time I decided to treat my family to a dinner at Modern Shanghai, Glorietta 2.

Blazer Never Been Kissed | Top Bugis Street | Bag (Got as Gift) | Shoes Keds

Since it's my birthday, I decided to fill my outfit with stuff that was given to me by loved one's. To feel that I am loved and to remember that the day is a gift from God.

Since were talking about gifts, let me share one present I got. And it's from... the Loml. Thank you Patrick!!

A mint colored penny board from Big H Skate! Thank you so much! Actually got it a few days before my birthday so I've used it a bit at home already. Haha.

Hope to get more practice with bf outside the house soon. :)

Skort (Got as Gift) | Necklace Style on Air (Got as Gift) | Rings Style on Air (Got as Gift) & Aldo

Here's a peak of what we had for dinner at Modern Shanghai.

Xiao long bao and HAKAO!! I just love chinese food.

That's it for my birthday! Time to get ready for more adventures! (ootds, fun & food)