Fourth Anniversary

And so that day has come again. Our relationship steps to another number whenever the date November 17 comes. We are now on the fourth year of our race to forever.

I was the one to look for restaurants/places for us to eat in Tagaytay. I forgot the name of the place I told Patrick I wanted to go to. I had to look for other restaurants, and he suggested we go to Memory Lane. I agreed anyway since I couldn't choose where to go. We arrived at Memory Lane past 11pm.

Patrick chooses food from the menu.

Me posing for the camera because camera. Hahaha. Lol. Kidding

Pardon the few potatoes of this Mom's Tender Juicy Babyback Ribs, Patrick had eaten the others already.

Ahhh, this Bulalo Steak! I had to order because it sounds new and it's super delicious I'm so happy I had it. (I remembered how much I enjoyed steak sauce)

Yum yum yum! The food seemed to taste better than Rack's. I want to go back right now looking at these photos...

After our lunch at Memory Lane we were supposed to go to a cafe but it was closed. We decided to go to the ice cream store beside The Original Buko Pie Shop instead.

Buffy's! Have you been here? Their ice cream is organic.

It did taste organic. We weren't able to finish it, not even half of it. Haha.

Then we headed off to Nuvali and hopped to Paseo. Then we went to Alabang Town Center to watch Big Hero 6. Funny movie but I am not happy about Tadashi's death. Hahaha.

And.. that's how the day went for both of us.

Thank you, Patrick for all the times you've put up with me and for all the things you've done and sacrificed for my happiness. Because love isn't all good and the sweet things, it has it's worst time too that's why I am so glad I've found a guy who accepts me for my imperfections. The start of our relationship have had it rough but nevertheless I wouldn't exchange all those years for anything in the world.

I thank God for those years we've had and pray that we will be able to take our relationship to infinity.

Our special day has ended but our love continues.