The Clothes Buffet Manila Experience

Yey! Finally I feel a bit better than the past few days. I would have posted this the night of October 17 but I wasn't feeling well and was at Trendsetter's Bazaar. I had no time but today.

If you've been reading other blogs or have joined the buffet itself you know what CBM is about. So the challenge was to be able to grab and fit all the clothes you can into the 33x23cm buffet bag in 15 min..

To not bore you with words i'll let the pictures do the talking. Here's my #cbmhaul.

So here's my bag that's about to explode. Haha

My target was to get atleast 10 pcs of clothes. Anddd.. I got 12 pcs!

I had planned to grab all the clothes I like first and then maybe after about 5-7 min of grabbing clothes I would start folding and packing, if I had enough space and time I would go back and look for clothes. On the day itself, i panicked! Because I had difficulty finding the clothes I want. So came out the amazon in me! Hahaha. I went on a grabbing spree. I had 7 min. left to pack the clothes so I decided to station myself on the floor and start folding. The first thing I packed are those that are not that bulky and that I wouldn't want to let go. Also, I got good clothes that are big for my size sooo UGGH, wrong move. Anyway, you see that denim short right there? (It's to prettyyy btw) before the buffet I told myself not to get any denims coz they're too bulky, but then there wasn't a lot of pretty clothes so I just had to get it. And also, the gray maxi skirt (yeah, it's supposed to be gray and not bluish) that's folded below the shorts, when I saw those skirt I was hesitant to get it, just because it's TOO bulky! But anyway I had to have it (again). The reason why I'm sharing you this long story is because I am soo proud of myself to be able to fit a denim and a bulky mini skirt and still get 12 pcs! For me that's an achievement. Hahahaha. If you just saw how I tried to push all those pieces in the buffet bag. (I even broke the lock of the buffet bag)

Here's the list of the brands:
1. Black Tank Top (with Belle Viola Graphic Print) - H&M
2. Yellow Tank Top - Chicoree * Had a small hole  in the front part :( *
3. Being Good Gray Top - BSK
4. Flower Print Top - Nollie
5. Neon Orange Denim Short - Bershka
6. Mint Green Crop Top - H&M
7. YES White Crop Top - Lil Missy
8. Pink Kiss Me Tank Top - Unknown (If you know the brand do comment)
9. Gray Maxi Skirt - Unknown
10. Aztec Print Orange Tank Top - Kirkland
11. Blue Crop Top - Terranova
12. Mint Sleeveless Top (Flower) - L.A. Hearts

I've seen a lot of negative feedback from other girls saying 2k wasn't worth it. I hope Penny Productions (the organizers) will address the issues and concerns of people who felt they were ripped off of 2,000. I do believe that they could still improve since this is just their first.

Before I end my post let me share just one more thing

Weee! I got all giddy when my #ootd got spotted by Sistersecrets.

I'll be posting my cbm shopping outfit in a seperate post. So please check it out as well! :)

I super thank my boyfriend Patrick for bringing me to the venue despite the 4-5 hour drive and also for being the one who shared CBM to me.