PHFW S/S 2015 | Day 1: Forever21 Favorites

It's Fashion Week Again! PhFW Spring/Summer 2015 to be exact.
For sure, Forever 21 is the brand that made me excited to watch PhFW (Philippine Fashion Week). Why? Because it caters to my style (and uhm.. age)

Forever 21 opens PhFW Day 1. They featured four looks that day; Brit Street, Modern Monochrome, New Boho & University Chic. I'm torn between all the looks but I am more inclined to the New Boho and University Chic. Anyway I liked all the looks.

Since it'll be a loooong post. I'll only be sharing with you the looks that are of my style & preference.

Brit Street

I want that furry cardigan from New Boho Collection!

This Cardi also from New Boho Collection.

That print and that dress shape! Also from New Boho Collection

University Chic

I've been wearing monochromes lately. So yeah, probably I can take inspiration from the Modern Monochrome collection.

This look isn't really the style I would wear but I just like how clean, classy and sexy it looks. Great for meetings (If ever I would have any of those situations in the future)
There are also looks for the bros, I could take notes whenever I am going to dress up my LOML/boyfriend. I was watching with my boyfriend during the PhFW shows too.

And... the most adorable part of the show! Are these cute kiddos!!

Super Adorable!!

That's a wrap for the Forever 21 PhFW show.

For more photos from the show you can check out these following sites: