Clothes Buffet Manila: Can you shop under 15 min?


Okay, so this is a bit late for me to post but I really want to share this one. You'll know why later on.

So YEY! I got my ticket to Clothes Buffet Manila! I was supposed to buy another ticket for Oct 18 with my friend but the tickets sold out fast just a week after I bought the 3rd wave for Oct 17.
Anyway, you know it's cute that I discovered the event through my boyfriend first! He actually told me that he is surprised that I had no idea about the event that time. Lol. He and my close friends 'think' that I am a shopaholic (which I AM absolutely not *yet* Haha.. or maybe I am already I'm just still in denial)

So since there are a lot of bloggers and some newspapers that talked about the event, I won't be talking a lot about the event anymore. Also, since I've talked a bit too much with just my story.


As the image above, you've (I've) got 15 minutes to pick it, zip it & keep it. I have 1 buffet bag that 32cm x 23 cm in size and 15 minutes to fill it with the clothes I am able to grab. My target is to get 10+. (I hope I could).

I'm feeling really excited for October 17! I'm also excited and hoping for a Season 2, even if there isn't an announcement yet.

Check Clothes Buffet Manila's official webpage or click here to find out how it works. Nevertheless, you can also go google and check out different blog posts/articles on the event. :P
Let me know if your going, specially if your in the 3rd wave too!