Flaming Wings: Flame Is On


We've been seeing each other less ever since we graduated from school
. That's why maybe I'm always giddy and happy when I know Patrick will come over.

Today we were supposed to meet up with a supplier for a project were doing together, but when we called the person we were supposed to meet, she told us she's out and to just come back tomorrow. (ugh.. annoyed, coz this isn't the second time).

So we decided to eat somewhere. And... as usual it took a while before we decide a place to eat, good thing I remembered that Flaming Wings has flied over Laguna Central - the mall just beside Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

On our table...

5-pc Buffalo Wings (Flavor: Original & Mild N' Sweet | Dip: Honey Mustard & Balsamic Mayo)
I think I have to order something spicier next time! Haha.

To explain lettuce, it is part of the Lettuce Wrap dish we ordered.


(I wasn't able to take a photo of the rice noodles before we messed it up! Hahahaha.)


And despite the cold weather and Typhoon Glenda coming, we wouldn't miss on the famous Wicked Oreos, who wouldn't?... right? right?? :P


Hahaha. Boyfie's reaction to my wait-i'm-still-taking-a-photo-of-the-food mode. It's a challenge for me to take photos of what we eat because of him, most of the time he would say 'tapos na? (are you done yet?)' or 'bilisan mo (hurry up)' whenever I do, because he's already hungry. Since, I'm a very considerate girlfriend (yes i am! :P) I stop myself and let him eat specially when I know he's hungry. I'm glad his become supportive now. :D

Anyway.... I thought we were here for some snack and a light meal, to cheer us up to an unexpected turn of events but we came home with a full stomach.


Btw, I liked how they styled their wall with different photos, I'll probably do the same in my future home.

I wonder when I will be back for some more Wicked Oreos!

*Flaming wings have closed it's doors as of 2015. :(