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I've been seeing stalls of Swap Watch in some malls, and I've been captured by the colorful straps of their watches. I haven't got the chance to buy them until today! YEEYYY!

I was lucky they stationed a booth at 8 Waves Waterpark Fun Familia event by Smart. They had this cool mobile booth displaying numerous colors of their watches. (Uhm, the booth was really tall! and with my height the booth is kind of not working for me.. HAHAHA). BONUS! They were selling it approximately 25-30% off that time. (Hoooray for me!) So I bought two starter kits and one watchface. Gold Watchface + 2 straps (Mint & White) for me, Camouflage watchface + Teal Strap for my boyfriend and Around the world + Navy blue for my younger brother (I didn't take a photo of his watch though).

I didn't knew at first that they had Glow in the dark watches. I didn't buy it coz it's a bit more pricey. But........ I'll go get one for myself next time.

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