Taiwan Sheet Mask Haul

What must I buy in Taiwan? That's what I googled before traveling to Taiwan. Almost every site listed sheet masks as one of the top things to shop in Taiwan. Oh, I was so thrilled (my pocket wasn't though, haha)!! I was really surprised and happy at that time. Japan/Korea were the only places I wanted to travel to, so I could shop skincare/beauty products. I had no idea Taiwan would be a popular place to shop sheet masks and that I would fall a victim to almost every sheet mask I spotted. Yikes!

Buying these many wasn't part of the plan but I have to say I have no regrets AT ALL (as of now, maybe)! I've already tried some of these sheet mask and I've loved every single sheet mask I've used. I'm super excited to use all of 'em. (would rather keep/collect them to be honest, hahaha, kaso sayang din) Anyway, I'll try my best to list the price of each mask and where I bought them.

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl & Royal Pearl Mask
(NT$ 399 for 2 boxes plus free 4 pcs)

One of the most popular facial mask in Taiwan, My Beauty Diary. These sheet masks are probably the most easiest to find, you can buy them almost anywhere in Taiwan. Cosmed, Watson's, Tomods even 7 Eleven. These convenience stores already got you covered unless your looking for a specific brand that might only be available elsewhere.

I got my MBD masks from a store in Shilin Market couldn't remember the name of the store or where it was located. Shilin was so busy and it was already night time when we arrived. I kinda regret not getting another set of box since not a lot of stores give out freebies, I got 4 extra MBD caviar masks. It could be because it was Christmas season not sure if it's a promo available all year round. I actually tried to look for the store when we went back to Taiwan (Yes, I travelled back to Taiwan a few months later, lol) but I wasn't able to find it.

L'Herboflore Facial Mask
(NT$ 998 for 20 pcs)

This is was one of my fave sheet mask in terms of packaging. Just look at how pretty these sheet masks are. I haven't tried these yet though. These are said to be a luxury brand of sheet mask I admit they were a bit pricey but not to the point of breaking the bank. I saved a few peso by buying the set, each sheet mask cost around P87. To be honest, there are a lot more sheet mask out there that cost more than that. Though, L'Herboflore does have products that are pricier (syempre, di ko kinuha yun). I heard these mask are of quality and are way better than MBD masks. I can't wait to try these.

I had the toughest time finding these since Watsons/Cosmed didn't carry the brand (ito talaga yung pinilit ko mahanap na sheet mask), swear I didn't want to leave Taiwan without 'em. They do have a store in Taipei 101 but we had very little time to look around the place so I wasn't able to go there. I bought my sheet mask at a store in Ximending.

Tony Moly Pokemon Face Mask
(NT$ 59 ea)

Got these from Tomod's. These were actually more expensive than the L'Herboflore mask but those were bought in bulk (discounted price) so they could be of the same price point if bought per piece. I was only able to get Charmander, Bulbasaur & Meowth. Pikachu & Squirtle wasn't available. Obviously, I bought em coz the packaging is too cute... and it's pokemon!

Lululun Face Mask
(NT$ 180 & NT$ 140)

Bought these together with the Tony Moly Face Mask at Tomod's. I don't think Lululun is the best sheet mask to buy in Taiwan since it's not as cheap compared to buying it in Japan, but I ain't going to Japan anytime soon so I bought them anyway. Lol. Lululun made waves as a Japanese favourite sheet mask brand and received numerous beauty awards so I wanted to finally get to this brand.

Sexylook Sleeping Beauty Mask 
(NT$ 385)

I've been wanting to try these mask for so long. I would see these Sexylook masks being sold at Zalora for like P539 a pack (5 sheets), and P80 per sheet at BeautyMNL. This was a last minute buy for me at Taoyuan Airport, I was a little shocked that I bought it for only NT$ 385, that's around P669 for 16 pcs of sheet mask. Compared to the ones being sold in Zalora or BeautyMBL for like P80-100+ per sheet, these sheet mask falls at about P40 per sheet. I've already tried the red, yellow and blue variant and I absolutely loved them! I could really see the difference on my skin. It's such a steal. I so want to stock up on these again. Anyone travelling to Taiwan?

This ends my enormous Taiwan facial sheet mask haul! Is this huge enough?

Apologies, for a really late post on this one. I was already able to visit Taiwan for the second time before posting this and will be sharing my second Taiwan Haul soon. Huhu. I might even stop blogging and posting, I've got lots on and might not have enough time to post consistently, I'm sure you guys noticed it.

If you have anything to say (make sure it's something nice), feel free to drop a comment.