Throwback: Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera

Hey there! It's been a month since my last post. It's been crazy and I was concentrating on my youtube channel. I've been filming and editing videos, so I had to put my blog on the side for a while. I was also in Singapore for two weeks last October. I swear having a day job and doing so many extra stuff - blogging, vlogging & cosplaying, is not an easy task (pero ginusto ko to, kaya larga, push!).

Anyway, me & my family went to Sabang, Puerto Galera for my mom's birthday last July (Oo, nung July pa, huhu super late post). There was a typhoon at that time though it had already exited the PAR, we were to ride a boat going to Sabang but not even a single boat could set sail because it was too windy and the waves were too strong. We thought we would have to cancel the trip. Fortunately, the trips via RoRo ferries were still available that day.

Since there were no direct trips from Batangas port to Sabang, we had to pass thru Calapan first. Medyo hassle because it takes around 2 hours drive from Calapan to Sabang but that's better than just going back home.

Sabang is known for scuba diving, it's not the type of beach where you could just stroll by the shore. The place is also good for nightlife, there's quite a lot of bars and clubs there.

We had a really relaxing but tiring trip there. Lol. We did a looot of walking. We stayed at Manarra Sea View resort and I tell you, there's a looot of stairs. Libreng workout mga bes! We didn't do scuba diving though since we just really wanted to relax by the beach and celebrate my mom's birthday together somewhere. We usually just stay at home whenever it's someone's birthday, it was a good change of scenery.

Please forgive me for not taking enough photos of the place and only have my ootd's. I was so focused at filming the place for the vlog, which I have attached below for you guys to watch.