5 Reasons to Wear Rompers

I used to hate playsuits, also known as rompers. It wasn't really my type back then until I saw my previous co-worker rock a printed floral-ish romper. So nainggit ang ateng niyo kaya nagtry din magromper. Sorreh nmn haha. Fast forward today I now have more than one romper in my closet and I wouldn't mind having more. Without further ado, let me share five reasons why I love rompers and why I think you should too.

1. It is Easy to Wear

I think rompers are like slip-on shoes. You just kind of slip in it and you're ready. If your rompers were made with zippers, you just need to zip it up and that's it. Easiest if it's an off shoulder top, like what I'm wearing, I just pull it up and voila! I'm ready to roll.

2. It is Easy to Style

Besides it's no frills, no hassle way to wear. Rompers are also easy to style. You can throw in a kimono or cardigan like what I did. You could also go with just the romper and you're all good. It can stand alone and you'll still look well put together.

3. Look Insta-Chic

Similar to what I've said earlier, rompers don't really need much styling. Wearing it on it's own will already make you look effortless. It just looks chic on almost every girl. It's kind of a 2-in-1 piece in my opinion.

4. Rompers Are Actually Comfortable

Your probably thinking that it might be difficult to you know... pee. I had the same thought and that's what hindered me from buying myself a romper before. Boy, was I wrong. It comes second to skirts and dresses when taking a visit to the toilet. Medyo awkward lang kasi hubadera talaga pag magwiwi ka but no ones looking naman so gora lang. Saya pa. Lol. Hahaha. I also think that rompers are heaven sent specially for our climate here in the Philippines. I can't describe and justify how comfortable it is so you got to see and try it on your own. That's if you haven't worn a romper.

5. Rompers Are Versatile

With rompers you can go with it from day to night. Well, most rompers do. You can wear it almost any occasion. May it be a casual day, doing errands, a birthday celebration, name it. You won't have to worry much about going undressed or overdressed except maybe if you are attending an awards night or when the dress code is formal, you are free to turn away from rompers nevertheless its still a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe.

There's probably plenty more reasons out there but these are my own reasons. You may agree or disagree as a person who may or may not have worn a romper but we are all entitled to our own opinions and you are free to share your thoughts as well. I just hope that what's in your heads will be full of love and positive vibes. Cheers!

Grey Knit Cardigan Giordano | Salmon Lace Romper Rianne Venice | White Lace Up Creepers Something Borrowed Zalora | Slogan Box Clutch Something Borrowed Zalora | Cherry Necklace Yhansy

Photographed by Patrick D.
Shot at South Streat [Read blogpost here]