Eyeshadow & Eyeliner in One | KPalette Essence In Shadowliner

I feel bad for not posting this early on and not trying it out as soon as I got them. I actually got these babies way back, like when they first came out but it took me a few years to use it. (Boo!) My apologies but it's not like anyone is actually waiting for this. Hahaha. Anyway, let's get to the review.

Price: Selling price is at P950 in stores. I got it as gift.

Packaging: The Essence in Shadowliner came in a 7cm [w] x 17.5cm [h] box. A little too big for the sticks itself which are roughly 1cm [w] x 14cm [h]. The Shadowliners is in a dual-ended design having an eyeshadow tip on one side and a liquid liner on the other side.

Pigmentation: I'd say the liquid liners has a medium to heavy pigment. It's not as pigmented as I expected it to be. When I applied it, I had to do swipe it to some areas that appeared a bit light. Anyway, that's forgivable. As for the eyeshadow, the brown color is very pigmented. The lighter shades, which I think is more for highlight is pigmented as well but a bit light on my skin. Probably because I have the skin of a ghost/vampire. Lol. Also, the light eyeshadow tones are shimmery on the skin.

Performance: Personally I think KPalette's Essence in Shadowliner performed fairly well. The tip of the liquid liner is very soft which felt really nice when applied. For some reason, I found the liquid liner easier to apply than the previous brands I've tried. With the eyeshadows, its texture felt velvety and somewhat creamy. Though applying a primer beforehand might be necessary as the eyeshadows don't seem to be very sebum and waterproof to keep it intact.

I'm actually really loving the box. I don't know but I find it pretty. Haha. The boxes I have were in Japanese since they were bought  Japan. That means I don't understand what's written on the box, except those written in English.

The box isn't the only thing that's beautiful, even the shadowliners were gorgeously packaged. It's pretty right?

Liquid liner tip.

Eyeshadow tip.

There are four shades made by Kpalette for their Essence in Shadowliner line. I only have three of them; 02 Brown Black & Caramel Brown, 03  Deep Brown & Nude Beige and 04  Pink Brown & Nude Pink. Swatches seen on the photo above.

All in all, I really like the Essence in Shadowliner from KPalette. All the more because I got it for free. Haha. (Shoutout to my Boyfie, LOL) But aside from that, it is definitely a good product and worth to try. It wouldn't gain popularity if it sucked. This Essence in Shadowliner is a little hefty on the pocket but as long as I have the budget I don't mind buying it again.

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Available in Beauty Bar, Rustans & Zalora.