Althea: January Mini Haul

It's been a week since the last post. I told myself I'd get more content for this blog but I still can't get as many posts up as planned. Moreover I've just acquired a job as a Digital Artist in an Australian based publications company last month. Even though I'm employed part-time and work from home it still takes up my time for blogging and everything else I do. Girl needs money, lol. That said, I'll still try my very best to keep posts up even if the post might be a little late like this Mini Althea Haul bought last December.

You can see that the packaging is Christmas themed thus I can't fake that I just got it this month. Well, I could actually by not taking a photo of the box. Hehe, These were ordered December 30, 2016 and I think the package came in 2 weeks later, a bit delayed compared to my previous package probably because of the busy Christmas season.

Althea January Loot

Initially, I just wanted to purchase all April Skin products. The brand had been the talk of the town. I'm curious to see how good their products really are. Last December I saw an advertisement of April Skin (EN) where they had a discounted Christmas gift package that comes with the cushion, magic stone, tattoo gel and their 4D stick. It was a bit pricey though so I opt to shop at Althea where the products were a bit cheaper too compared to the ones sold at April Skin's official english site but they don't sell the gels & highlight/contour sticks. Since I needed a highlighter and contouring product I decided to try out these blending brushers from Missha.

I've started using April Skin's Magic Stone & Missha's Blending Sticks already. I'll post a review and share my thoughts on the products soon. I'll try the cushion once I've used up the Naturactor foundation I'm currently using. Hope to get positive results.

Althea Korea (PH)