Nihonbashi Tei: Tomas Morato

Take me any where there is Sashimi or Ramen and I'm good! I love Japanese food so much... We had lunch at Nihonbashi Tei the same day we were at Book & Borders Cafe (you can read post here). And that was the reason why I didn't get to order other meals at BBC, I chose Jap food over. Lol. I had to save some space in my tummy. Anyway, keep browsing to see the delicious food on our table.

Here's a peek on their menu. You can also check here for more.

Im not sure if it's the menu that was big or if the food selection is just that plenty. It was sort of difficult what to order since I wanted to try like almost everything on the menu. But instead we ordered ramen, sashimi and one sushi roll.

Spicy Salmon Sashimi - 350.00

Ahh! Sashimi. My heaven on earth. Lol. Nihonbashi Tei's Spicy Salmon Sashimi reminds me of my favourite dish - Tuna Sashimi Tartare that I always eat whenever I'm at Teriyaki Boy. NT offers salmon while TB serves tuna. I'd have to be honest though, TB's Tuna Sashimi Tartare still wins my tongue. Lol. But nevertheless, I'll take the spicy salmon sashimi of Nihonbashi Tei again anytime. It's still so yummy!

Shoyu Ramen - 200.00

Oh gosh, there ramen! I'm craving just by looking at it again. There's something about their ramen that I haven't tasted in other ramen restaurants. The soup they have taste original. The seasonings makes the dish even more perfect. I think this is the dish Patrick and I were able to finish. The others had to be taken home. I ate the sashimi on the way home though.

Dragon Roll - 330.00

Dragon Roll a.k.a 'dragon ball' as i call it. Lol. I started calling the sushi roll dragon ball because it was how I heard it at first. It took time before this dish was served to us. We were told it takes a while because of it's tedious design. No worries though since it was worth the wait. This is probably the first time I've tasted sushi with shrimp in it. And since I'm also a sucker for shrimp... Of course, I would enjoy this one too. I liked that the shrimp had been coated with bread crumbs, it gives that crunchy surprise.

They also have private rooms available if you want to enjoy their delicious dishes on your own. Lol. It's obvious I was totally happy with our meal. Definitely giving my two thumbs up for Nihonbashi Tei.

Nihonbashi Tei
1103, 281 Tomas Morato Ave, Quezon City, 1103 Metro 
Other Branches: Arnaiz Ave., Malate, Ermita