Dewytree: Blackhead Out Nose Patch

Finally getting this amazing nose patch up on the blog! I'm not trying to give too much hype on Dewytree's Blackhead Out Nose Patch but this particular nose patch is by far (I give emphasis to the word by far) the best one I've tried. On the label, it's Hidden Zone care system solves skin problem with up close care. It contains Volcanic Ash and Charcoal that extracts clogged pores and remove blackheads clearly.

The box packaging similar as most nose patch I bought from Watsons. But what caught me was it's design nonetheless. It got me for sure...

I bought the pack from Korcosmetics during the Supersale Bazaar because Patrick had been looking for a nose patch and sadly we didn't find them at Beauty Bar when we were there... Not sure if they carry any nose patches too actually. The box, which is priced at P200, contained 10 pieces of nose patch each packed in a separate packet.

Directions were the same with all the other nose patch strip I've tried.

1. After washing face, dry hands and open packet & peel the strip off  from the transparent plastic  liner (make sure it's free of any cream, lotions & makeup).
2. Wet nose with water sufficiently and then apply the strip to moistened nose with the shiny side facing your skin. (If nose isn't wet enough, strip may not stick or may not be effective)
3. Let the strip dry on skin for around 15-20 minutes. After strip is dried, slowly and carefully peel off the strip starting at the edges, pulling toward the center. If there is residue left, rinse off with water.

Why did I say that Dewytree Blackhead Out Nose Patch is the best one by far?
Well, when I first tried a strip, I was greatly surprised with what I saw... It wasn't pleasant though.... There were so many white heads pulled out. It says blackhead but since it had charcoal in its contents it's a bit hard to spot the blackheads.

I did take pictures of the strip after use but when I shared the photo to Patrick... He said it's a bit disgusting to share. Lol. We shared the the contents of the Dewytree Blackhead Out Nose Patch, five for me and five for him. And I wonder what or how he used it but he told me he wasn't successful because there wasn't any instructions from the packet and he didn't wait for my reply before he used it... His comment was he didn't like the smell. But it was actually fine on my side, and I've used a similar strip with the same smell before. I'm pretty sure the smell came from charcoal.

Anyway, if I get a chance to spot (and have the budget for it) these on the market, I will buy again.