A Change in Shopping Habits

Hey Hey, Hello there!

A few weeks ago... I have been organizing my closet (trying to tidy it up until today). While doing so I've realised I've got quite plenty of clothes I haven't worn... and these are clothes bought 1-2 years ago. (What the heck.) I know I'm not alone and there are several girls out there with the same situation.

I used to buy most of my clothes online, and whenever I do I'd always order more than 1 piece in order to maximize the shipping fee... or I'd order more to reach the amount for free shipping. I'd even buy clothes/shoes/accessories for the sake of my #ootds.

Most of my clothes were bought online... Because of the shipping fee I'd buy more than one piece to distribute the shipping cost depending on the quantity I've bought. Some Instagram sellers would also give certain discounts if you buy wholesale, so that's either 3 or more pieces of clothes. Thus, a pile of clothing.

That said I promised to change the way I shop. It's also a good thing that a huge percentage of my earnings goes to funding a small business of mine. That way, I have more reasons to walkaway from shopping. And since I have gained the ability to sew and make my own clothes I've increased the ability to stop myself from impulse buys.

And with the stories of abused sweatshop workers who are stripped of a better life just to provide our ever growing demand for clothes, I've decided to get rid of the bandwagon and shop for the clothes that I REALLY need and not for the screwed 'I-want-that-so-I'll-pretend-I-and-probably-need-it-too' old shopping ways of mine. Some would say that there won't be any big difference, but I do believe that even one, though small can still make a difference.

'Shop less, re-use & recycle more clothes' is what I will live by from now on. That said, all the pieces I'm wearing in this outfit were either used twice already or more. Also, not many of you know but I do wear glasses and this is how I am most of the day #foureyed. I just wear contact lenses whenever I'm in the mood, do a shoot or attend events.

Denim Top Forever 21 | Dress + Shoes Aliexpress | Bag Rianne Venice | Specs Metrosunnies

Photos by Patrick Divinagracia