Foxycherry Shop: Cream Daydream

Hey Hey, Hello there!

Pieces in white, cream and other similar shades are absolutely the first thing I would always go for when shopping, but would put them back in the rack and get the darker colors (black, navy blue) instead. You know how it is.. Kapag puti dumihin. But I've been wanting to gradually increase white/light toned clothes in my wardrobe. Despite my concern with stains, yellowing and such.. I'm in love with an all-white ensemble. Nevertheless here's a light, cream, ivory and white ootd.

The weather had been crazy this year, that day it was still extremely hot but it also seemed to rain, they sky was about to go gloomy. I was somewhat glad that it was windy but that made it difficult for an ootd. Atleast, the wind worked it's magic in some of the photos...

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Photos by Patrick Divinagracia