Neil's Kitchen: Merienda Hits Westgate Alabang

Things that make me feel grateful about my existence (aside from my family, friends & special someone) - Beautiful Artistic Interiors & Mouthwatering Food. I am no foodie. I'm just an average person who loves to eat like many others but with a self-proclaimed peculiar taste. I admit that I am a bit picky with food.. 'hindi ako yung tipong kahit ano kinakain' that's because I have quite a list of foods that I don't eat. Patrick would say na mahirap daw ako pakainin (insert rolling eyes emoji). Anyway, going back to Beautiful Interiors & Mouthwatering Food, bloggers and the social media (or should I say Instagram) world were in quite a buzz when the Santorini-inspired restaurant opened in Westgate, Alabang - Neils Kitchen.

Neil's Kitchen already delights it's customers with their welcoming pops of black and yellow in it's front door.

We were at the place at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon so we opted for something light (or so we thought) and ordered one of their new dishes - Bumble Bee Shrimp.

We did plan to order a light meal for two people but their serving was too generous. Not exactly the light meal merienda we had in mind. Haha. Actually Patrick had been here a few weeks ahead and he was sweet enough to bring me to Neil's Kitchen and blog about it.

Neil's Kitchen Bumble Bee Shrimp (P450) | For starters we had the Bumble Bee Shrimp which I was contemplating to get or not but because I'm a sucker for shrimp and it's listed 'New' on the menu I thought we had to try it. I wasn't disappointed at all despite having a personal thing about black coloured food that makes me back out and not even give it a taste. But since I knew behind that black coating is my all time love - shrimp I didn't mind it being black and just gave it a go (plus for its price I can't not eat it). It was worth it, I'm so happy they added the Bumble Bee Shrimp to the selection. I love the mix of the yellow sauce and the black flour coated shrimp. So Yummy! When I was editing the photo I just discovered why it's called Bumble Bee Shrimp... The black coating and the yellowish sauce makes it similar to body of a bumble bee. Ha! Took me a while to find out. >.<

Next on our plate is one from Neil's Kitchens Specialties, Chicken of the South a.ka. "Alabang Fried Chicken" with Gravy Rice (P395)... If you're familiar with Chicken Chops (on of my faves), they have a similar taste and texture only that AFC is less salty. The coating is crisp and the chicken has a little of that melt to your mouth feel. I also like that theres a macaroni salad siding.

Lastly, the Crab Fat Palabok (P350) that is listed for Merienda. Actually I thought this was really for merienda but it's not something only two people can finish, there's too much but just the right serving for the price. Maybe, it's just because I'm a light eater and Patrick had started to eat less. The Crab Fat Palabok had flat noodles instead of the usual thin bihon. It was served with a squid/octopus on top, not sure if it's squid or octopus.

All of them are delectable, palatable and yummy! I really wanted to try some of their desserts but both of us were so full already. We had leftovers on all the dishes and had them packed so we can take it home and eat. Since we did a product shoot afterwards and so not to waste food (and save money :P) we can fill up our stomachs again with Neil's Kitchen goodness when we get hungry.

Of course I couldn't leave without taking snaps of the beautiful interiors at Neil's Kitchen. I like how the restaurant is very consistent with the yellow and black colors.

Life is a Kitchen
Put on Your Prettiest Apron & Whip Up Something Incredible

Like others I fell truly in loooove with the place. The food is awesome! Neil's Kitchen is every bloggers dream haven, very Instagrammable as they say. Thumbs Up!

Commerce Ave Cor Filinvest Avenue, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa, 1780 Metro Manila
Open 11:00 am-9:00 pm Daily | 7108962 / 7711334/ 09173112916 |